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Het Hart van Rotterdam



Het Hart van Rotterdam (The Heart of Rotterdam) is a personal photography and in depth interview series on the people that make up Rotterdam and the places they feel most at home. 

Rotterdam had lost its city centre during the bombing of World War II, and the city centre or the "heart" of the city was then completely rebuilt from the ground up in just a couple of years. The impact of this can still be felt today. Slowly, as the years pass by, the city is beginning to reshape itself and it feels like its soul is returning to it.


It is not it's modern architecture, but the people of Rotterdam that have made this possible. They have given Rotterdam its "heart" back, both literally and figuratively speaking. This idea has been the starting point of my research and this ongoing series. I decided to portray the people of Rotterdam, the people that gave the city back its heart, and the places they feel most at home.

So far, I have done two in depth interviews. The people and stories I capture, are of those that are contributing to the heart of Rotterdam, each in their own way. 

On this page you will only find the photography part of the series,

If you would also like to read the in depth interviews (in Dutch) click the link per participant below:

1.     Mo - De Fietsenmaker (The bike repairman)

2.   Johan - De Gids (The Guide)


This quote from a famous Poet from Rotterdam has been one of the starting points for this project.

Free translated it means that the people make the city. 

1.     Mo - De Fietsenmaker

IMG_1317 (1).JPG

Click here to go see the entire series


2.   Johan - De Gids (The Guide)

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