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D.I.Y. Social Recipes

2020 - Collaboration, print design, writing

DIY (Do It Yourself) Social Recipes is an interdisciplinary and collaborative work, made up of three handmade booklets that combine zero waste and plant-based recipes. It includes tips and tools on how to initiate social inclusion within ones own neighbourhood. The booklets are designed as a public and private intervention in a time where social distancing has led us to see the importance of human connection.

This work is made in collaboration with Groenten Zonder Grenzen (GzG), which is an initiative that organises free plant-based dinners in Rotterdam with leftover produce from the market. The work has been created together with Christel Bart (Graphic Designer) and Luca Ashdown (Illustrator) and the expertise of GzG on plant-based, zero waste cooking and community creation.


​The three booklets are designed to inspire and activate people to create more connection within their own neighbourhoods, through the power of food and sharing. Inspired by GzG's dinners, the booklets contain a collection of recipes, tips and tools on how to connect to your neighbours and what to do with leftover foods. Our booklets are being distributed all over Rotterdam and we are continuing to work on this project to expand our reach. 

Below you will find an overview of the final works

This project was designed in collaboration with:

Luca Ashdown (illustrator)

Christel Bart (Graphic Designer).



Visit Gzg's website for more information:

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