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Hunger installation

2021 - Installation art, ceramics, electronic art

I've had the pleasure to play a part in the creation of an installation by food designer and pioneer Marije Vogelzang. Together we have created 50 mouthpieces or "eggs"  that have become part of an installation called The Hunger Appreciation Station. The installation has been showcased at Museum Mühlerama in Zurich, as part of an exhibition on hunger.

The ceramic mouthpieces or "eggs" hold a transducer (a "bone conductor") inside, which has the ability to translate an audio file, in this case a visualisation meditation on hunger, into vibrations that can be conductor through hard surfaces (and thus bones). 

The visitors are asked to put their teeth on the end of the mouthpiece for the meditation to be "heard" through their mouth. The vibrations are sent through the visitors teeth to their eardrums, but because there is no actual sound coming into the ears, it appears as if they are listening with their mouth. 

Every single mouthpiece is handmade, with blood sweat and tears being poured into the process of experimenting, wiring and soldering with no prior knowledge on electronics. It has been a joy working on this project for five months, seeing everything come together from a single idea to a working piece of electronic art as a part of a beautiful installation. 

Below you will find an overview of the making and final work of the installation.

For more on this installation and other works by Marije Vogelzang go to:

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