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Dinner Scene


2021 / 2022

In collaboration with two female film directors and an amazing art crew, I have designed and directed a table setting for the slot scene of a short film, starring a very talented Dutch spoken word/hiphop artist and his orchestra (more info will follow later, to be released later this year). 


The dinner set builds up onto different scenes; starting out with a red Jello cake filled with "soup letters", followed by a still life of fruit and flowers, all together ending with an orgasmic red soup fountain. A (colour) theme of red, white and different fruits are used to communicate Lust, Sexuality and a Heavenly ending, which tells a story of an artist coming to the end of his creative journey.


Find an overview of behind the scene footage of the film below. The full scene will follow later.

Work created in collaboration with
Directors: Mandy van Pelt aka @plakplaatjes
& Lucie Davita van Collem

Art Direction: Beeke van Wingaarden & Me
Videographer: Youri Herder

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