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Dinner Scene

2021 / 2022 - Set design, art direction

In collaboration with two Dutch female filmmakers and an amazing art crew, I have designed and directed a dinner scene setting for the slot scene of a short film titled "Puntje van Mijn Tong". The film, a combination of documentary and fantasy, directed by 7 Dutch filmmakers who each created their own part of the film, portrays the life and creative journey of the extravagant spoken word artist Igor and his orchestra.


The dinner is the second last scene of the short film, in which the maker (Igor) comes to the end of his creative journey. After going down a rabbit hole of creation, being shut off from the world, Igor ends up in a part of his mind that feels both exhausted and heavenly. Rebirth: the ultimate end and beginning of the artist journey. 


A red Jello cake filled with letters from his new found lyrics, followed by a still life of fruit and flowers, all together ending with an orgasmic red soup fountain. Accompanied by a string quartet, a theme of red, white and forbidden fruits used to communicate lust, power and a heavenly ending, which tells a story of an artist coming to the end of a journey that almost took his life.

One half of him back on earth, grounded by the foods he eats, slowly bringing him down from his almost psychedelic experience of artistic focus and surrender, the other half still flying high lost in time away from the normalcy of the physical world.

Find an overview of behind the scene footage of the film below

Work created in collaboration with:

Artist: Igor & orchestra
Directors: Lucie Davita van Collem & Mandy van Pelt
Art Direction & set design: Beeke van Wingaarden
Lead videographer: Youri Herder

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