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About me


Photography by Plakplaatjes -

I am a Social Designer and Photographer from Rotterdam, who is strongly influenced by nature and what it has to teach us. ​My goal as a creative and human being, is to transform the way in which we relate to the planet, to each other and ourselves. 

I see myself more as a director and facilitator of social design projects, rather than solely as a maker. Most of my work is focusses around relations of care, and how reshaping them can give us a new outlook on what could be possible for us and future generations to come.

I work with interactive/DIY projects where I make use of different mediums like: photography, writing, film, food design, foraging and cooking. I create for the purpose of bringing people together and to challenge the notion of what is “normal” and what is not. 


One of my latest works, Practices of Care, is a good example of how I combine my love for plants and edible herbs as a narrative, through which I tell the story of Self care and slowing down.  In my Essay "How to care for Self & other in a world that is on fire?" you will find a very personal manifesto on my belief in the importance of collective care.

I make my work as accessible as possible and I try to always create from a space of vulnerability, so that the viewer and participants feel the space to do the same.


I'm always open for collaborations, so please don't hesitate to contact me.



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