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Practices of Care

2021 / 2022 - Autonomous research 

Practices of Care is a short, collective project in which three other makers and I have created a practice of embodied research into ways of caring.  My personal journey into this subject has been researched through my connection to a “plant ally”, which is a practice done by many herbalist around the world.

How do you care? At first, the concept of "care" seems quite straightforward, but when you unpack its meaning, both historically as in present times, it is actually quite ambiguous: care can mean a lot of things, depending on the giver or the receiver.

Practices of Care has been a starting point of my research into this subject and has led me to the concept of Radical care, which has been discussed, practices and researched by many artists, activists and scholars over the last couple of decades.

During this collaboration, I have chosen to focus on the relation I have with myself, through the lens of a more-than-human being; the Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica). Connecting to this being on different levels; foraging with, speaking to, cooking with, meditating with and writing to, has forced me to slow down, when creating about and with the plant. I have kept a journal of our moments together and made a short film to celebrate our connection.

Below you will find the documentation of our collective dinner performance "Practices of Care"  and pieces from my personal work "The Nettle and Me".

This project has been put together in collaboration with:

Parel Strik -

Clara Hermssen @einclarahimmel

Senna Gebbink @sennagebbink

Photography by Mandy van Pelt: www.plakplaatjes,com

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