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Future Fabrics


Future Fabrics is a collaborative work and a proposition for a sustainable material visualisation platform. A platform where current scientific, sustainable, material research is translated into visually appealing and tactile materials.  We have created this work to simplify multidisciplinary collaborations between the field of science and design, in order to expand the possibilities for the use of sustainable materials in the future.

Initially, we just wanted to focus on exploring new bio-materials and possibly collaborate with a laboratory that is working on sustainable material research. However, during our search, we realised just how much work goes into contacting different researchers and laboratories for possible collaborations. This is how we came up with Future Fabrics: to create a platform where scientific material research is translated into attractive visuals, so they can become more accessible for designers and at the same time give room for scientist to share their findings, creating more room for future collaborations.

Below you will find a couple of the materials and experiments that we have created from scratch, to visualise the possibilities of this platform in our material library. Next to our online platform, we have also created a short video about our start-up. 


Hover over each image for more information on the project

This project was created in collaboration with Catherine van Bijnen 

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