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Fungi Feces

I'm big fan of positive activism, i love absurdity and I always try to incorporate some kind of quirkiness

2019 - ongoing

Fungi Feces is a speculative "Do-it-yourself-kit" designed for a possible mutual symbiosis between humans and fungi. This kit is designed to be used at home, where the user can implant fungi spores into their intestines, using human gut bacteria to create a "Super Fungi".

Human waste containing fungi spores (aka Fungi Feces) is then used to restore damaged ecosystems and spread fungi spores. In return, the fungi's properties is used to restore the users health. 


With this speculative design I try to propose a future that is more eco-centric rather than human-centric.

I have specifically chosen to focus on fungi as an exemplary other-than-human species, because of their wide range of properties that make them extremely important to maintain healthy ecosystems on our planet. Next to composting natural matter, there are fungi species that have the ability to break down toxic waste, such as oil spills and plastic, which could play a big role in restoring damaged eco systems. A variety of fungi also have been proven to be very beneficial for human health, which of course, makes them more appealing to us as humans. There are fungi species that have shown their ability to strengthen the immune systems of patients undergoing radiation and chemo therapy and recently a lot of research is being done into the mental health effects of Psilocybin, which can be found in "magic" mushrooms. Based on my extensive research into fungi properties, I have made a series of speculative prototypes that question the possibility of a symbiosis between humans and fungi. 

(This project is still in it's prototyping phase, the "end" product is not yet developed)

Ps. If you are interested in the wonderful world of Fungi,

I highly recommend all of the works and talks by mycologist Paul Stamets.

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