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The Lida Nation


The Lida Nation is a propaganda publication paired with a food design, created to convince children between the age of six to four to join a fictional anti-sugar cult named "The Lida Nation".

This publication is a collaborative design, with the purpose of creating awareness around the growing diabetes rate among children in the Netherlands. Research shows that food marketing is a significant contributor to poor diet and obesity among children. Supermarkets have a ton of tricks up their sleeve to attract kids to unhealthy, sugar packed and junk food products. Our design is meant as a critique towards this practice and meant as a conversation piece to make parents aware of the dangers of food marketing towards their children.

The Lida Nation is built upon the idea that children are being manipulated, by supermarkets and large food corporations, into unhealthy habits. Because their parents are failing to protect them from it, they need the cult leader (The Lida) to save them. 

Inspired by various existing manipulation techniques, propaganda and religious texts, the publication is created as a Holy book for The Lida Nation, designed to convince children to join the sugar-free cult. The tone of voice, colour use and overall styling are all meant to contribute to this purpose.

Food Design

Next to the publication, we have created a "magical" candy that serves as the ultimate reward for the cult members. When this candy is consumed, it makes everything eaten after taste sweet. The candy we designed consists of a blue membrane around an existing berry, commonly known as the miracle berry (from the Synsepalum dulcificum plant) which has the ability to change our flavour from sour to sweet. 

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This project was designed in collaboration with

Nikki Giesen and Jacki van Dijk

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